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Pareto Parenting is about unconventional parenting and the best way to judge if this style resonates with you is through these classic posts chosen by our loyal readers for you.

Useful 1-Month Old Tried and True Baby Hacks

Here is a growing collection of tricks we’ve used to make our lives easier nursing a 1-month old baby. I hope they make your life easier like they made mine: Read More

I Need Some Time Alone

Sometimes I feel like I need some baby-less time but the topic of this post actually refers to babies rather than parents. This may sound trivial to some of you and unnerving to others. Read More

Neti Pot is Our Savior

My son caught a cold a week ago and his nose was running ever since. “Running” may be wishful thinking, it more of a barricaded nose. So what’s the big deal? A bit of a stuffy nose is nothing new. Read More


Welcome to Pareto Parenting, I am Yuval Qen and I will be your tour guide today.

Pareto Parenting is a historical tour that goes through the growth of our two children. Each child is different but in a sense, many of the situations are the same. Pareto Parenting was created to capture my experiences and lessons learned so, in a sense, I could be my own tour guide in a different time with a different child.

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Yuval Qen

Yuval Qen is an Internet Professional who does most of his work over the Internet (where else?).

Yuval is also an off-road unicyclist, yoga practitioner, juggler, gamer and geek.

Many of the ideas Yuval brings to the table come from economics, behavioral sciences and to a degree, information security.


Noa Gilad

Noa Gilad is an independent yoga instructor as well as a full-time mom. She takes on both roles with great pleasure.

Noa loves writing and everything to do with it and to balance that, why she is also an all mountain bicycle rider. She asks questions and is willing to challenge herself with radical ideas.

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